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Certified Aesthetics Nurse Specialist

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Effective Double Chin Treatment

Treatment for submental fat, also known as "double chin" is safe and effective using a prescription for adults known as Kybella. It vastly improves the appearance and proifile of excess fat below the chin and lower jaw.

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Jan Bailey MSN RN NP-C has 16 years of experience in the skin care industry and is committed to helping her patients achieve a more beautiful appearance. Since 1998, Jan has been working to beautify, rejuvenate, and give her patients back the skin of their youth.

  • Some swelling maybe likely

  • Full consultation frim the nurses included

  • Procedure administered in the office,

  • Process may take 15 to 20 mins.

  • Effective Double Chin Treatment

Are you interested in double chin reduction? Make an appointment now for a FREE consultation with a board certified aesthetician. We'll show you how double chin reduction maybe right for you. Call today for a complimentary consultation at 936-639-9202.

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Regarding double chin reduction:

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